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Best Practice Caregiving, a partnership between Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging and Family Caregiver Alliance, is a free online database of proven dementia programs for family caregivers. It offers a searchable, interactive, national database of vetted, effective programs that offer much-needed information and support. The database is an invaluable tool for healthcare and community-based organizations, as well as funders and policy makers to discover and share high quality programs for caregivers.

In the Best Practice database you will find detailed information about:

  • the focus of each program
  • program outcomes (e.g., reducing stress, understanding dementia, planning care, skill-building, health & wellness, etc.)
  • program implementation
  • research findings
  • direct utilization experiences of delivery sites
  • program developer information.

With more than 40 data records, you’ll have access to the information you need to make informed decisions. It's easy to compare programs side-by-side based on the factors that matter most to you, your organization, and your caregiving clients. Contact and usage/license fee information are included for each program.

Next Generation Database in the Works

Through the generous ongoing support of The John A. Hartford Foundation, the Best Practice Caregiving database is undergoing significant expansion to include new program information designed for use by the family and friend caregivers of people living with dementia. 

This expanded consumer-friendly information will offer family members and friends a comprehensive and accurate source of information they can use to find proven-effective programs for caregivers that are available in their communities. 

The next generation of Best Practice Caregiving will continue to be developed through a partnership between Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging, Family Caregiver Alliance and The Gerontological Society of America, and has an anticipated launch date of March 2023.

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