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Consumer Information Initiative-attendees sitting in audience at the Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging Annual Meeting.

Consumer Information Initiative

With what seems like a world of information at our fingertips, it can be challenging for people of all ages to know what is valid and accurate. Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging's Center for Research and Education is addressing this challenge through our new Consumer Information Initiative.

The Consumer Information Initiative is part of the organization’s ongoing work to be a leader in creating and sharing high-quality, practical information with older people, families and professionals.

Information disseminated through the Consumer Information Initiative focuses on:

  • Maintaining health, wellness, social engagement and active aging
  • Managing chronic health conditions, and/or the demands of caregiving
  • Living as independently as possible in all types of housing or residential settings
  • Making informed decisions associated with age-related life changes, events, challenges and opportunities

To accomplish this goal, we:

  • Plan and host educational Events for professionals, and older people and families
  • Write and circulate both professional and consumer-friendly Publications
  • Develop, test, implement and train professionals to deliver Evidence-Based Programs
  • Disseminate and inventory articles, videos and publications in our Resource Library

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Jennifer Cardellini

Director for Consumer Information

Contact: | (216) 373-1610

Jennifer Cardellini is the Director for Consumer Information at Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging. In this role, she leads the new Consumer Information Initiative housed within the Center for Research and Education, with a goal to develop, and increase the dissemination of, knowledge and quality information to older adults, caregivers, professionals and policymakers. A focus of Cardellini’s recent work was leading the development of the new Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging website, which serves as a premiere online resource for older people and families. In this role she also cultivates strategic partnerships for dissemination activities, and plans Center-sponsored educational programming.

Prior to her role as Director for Consumer Information, Cardellini served as the Marketing Manager for the Center for Research and Education, developing and implementing marketing initiatives to increase awareness of the Center’s products, services and events. As a part of these initiatives, she represented the Center at numerous state, national and international conferences. In her previous roles, she also served as Website Content Manager, and Research Assistant and Marketing Specialist.

Cardellini earned her Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communication from Miami University.