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Organizations serving older adults and family caregivers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of addressing the specific needs of the diverse populations they serve. It’s become apparent in recent years that one-size-fits-all programming can no longer be wholly effective, and that adaptations must be made to the way programs are promoted, structured and delivered to truly meet the needs of racially and culturally diverse people and those who identify at LGBTQ.  

Likewise, many well-intentioned organizations haven’t effectively made changes in their policies and internal structures to accommodate needed enhancements in diversity, equity and inclusion practices, simply because they’re just not sure what to look for and how to go about effecting change. 

Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging has developed short and straightforward Diversity Evaluations for programs and for workplaces to help organizations in the aging field rise to the challenge of meeting the needs of their diverse communities and workplace cultures. 

Program Impact Analysis

This important analysis will help you to understand your program’s reach and impact in effectively meeting the needs of people with diverse cultures, languages and living environments.  This program will help you to make fact-based adaptations to programming and outreach to better achieve impact among diverse community members, and enable you to: 

  • Understand the structural and cultural barriers to service among identified populations 
  • Break down barriers to promoting and offering culturally relevant/adapted programming

Your scorecard will reflect your program effectiveness in meeting to needs of the diversities within your communities, and also provide recommended action steps to guide adaptations and improvements.  

Environmental Diversity Analysis

This program will help you to understand your internal barriers to fostering an organizational culture of diversity, equity and inclusion and help you to implement realistic, fact-based improvements throughout all areas of your workplace.

  • Understand the hidden, often surprising barriers to diversity within your organization 
  • Identify recommended training, program and policy enhancements that promote inclusion 

Diversity Evaluations Make Business Sense

Understanding your programs’ limitations in impacting diverse populations is a crucial element today, and will help you to make the adaptations necessary to improve your reach and responsiveness to needs. Additionally, organizations that are making efforts to address diversity, equity and inclusion are looked upon favorably by funding and government organizations.   

Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging is uniquely positioned as both a research organization and service provider to provide meaningful evaluations that satisfy funding expectations and deliver positive impact.

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