About Us

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging supports caregivers and empowers all people to age well through research, consumer-responsive services and client advocacy.

Our Vision

We seek a world in which all people have the resources to age well in places they choose, ageism is eliminated, and caregivers are provided with supports to sustain their well-being and fulfill their caregiving role.

Our Core Values

  • Respecting the intrinsic value and rights of all persons as they age.
  • Embracing and increasing diversity and inclusion in our research and service programs and across our organization.
  • Responding flexibly, creatively and quickly to changing community and consumer needs.
  • Promoting an organizational culture that fosters innovation in programs and services.
  • Sharing our research and service expertise to advance the field of aging.
  • Practicing fiscal responsibility, resourcefulness and accountability.
  • Maintaining ongoing vigilance to protect confidential information and privacy.
  • Achieving the highest professional and ethical standards.

Our Statement on Racial Equity and Social Justice

Benjamin Rose strives to achieve racial equity and social justice which are essential for ensuring healthy aging for all, through our research, consumer-responsive services, and client advocacy.

Our Goals

Goal 1

Promote and support Board engagement, leadership development and diversity for strong, representative governance.

Goal 2

Establish Benjamin Rose as an Employer of Choice and a diverse and inclusive workplace that engages the talents of all employees to advance our mission.

Goal 3

Expand our applied research, consumer education programs, and development of innovative solutions for older adults and caregivers.

Goal 4

Develop and implement a methodology for enhanced collaboration between research and services at Benjamin Rose.

Goal 5

Increase the revenue, reach, accessibility, consumer focus and impact of Benjamin Rose services.

Goal 6

Increase national and regional awareness of Benjamin Rose and our research, services, and impact.

Goal 7

Improve financial sustainability to enable Benjamin Rose to pursue its mission in a rapidly changing environment.