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Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

Do you need help with the activities of daily living such as bathing, cooking meals and cleaning the house, but are looking to remain independent as possible? If so, assisted living may be right for you. Assisted living facilities can provide round the clock care and support. A good facility will put together a plan that marries the best of independent living with supportive personal care services.

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5 Tips to Help our Loved Ones with Using Telephones

For many of our loved ones, hearing and vision problems develop over time and create problems when they want to use the telephone. When a loved one has challenges that cause them to avoid using the phone, tension can ensue. We can help our loved ones retain their independence with these tips for addressing the many different challenges that may cause a loved one to stop using the phone.

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Taking a Teamwork Approach to Caregiving

As we age, most of us would prefer to stay within our own homes, but this becomes difficult as age and infirmities slow us down. Adding to this, grown children or other relatives may not live nearby. If we are caring for an older loved one who is living at home, they may also struggle to maintain their independence if they do not have all the support they need to manage their day-to-day life. The best way we can help a loved one in this situation is to plan ahead and assemble a team.

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4 Tips to Help a Loved One Manage Stairs

If a loved one has mobility issues, a flight of stairs can sometimes seem like an insurmountable obstacle. At the same time, being able to move freely and safely throughout the home is imperative for a loved one's independence. In addition, the social and emotional benefits of leaving the home from time to time should not be neglected just because a few stairs are in the way.

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3 Ways to Help an Older Loved One With Spring Cleaning

With the arrival of spring comes the season of cleaning, decluttering and organizing the household. If we are caring for an older loved one, giving them a hand with their annual spring cleaning may not only make for a meaningful Easter gift, but can also help keep them safe and protected in their home.

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By Julie Hayes | 04/11/2019

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