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My Mother's Caregiver: Treading Water

Writer and photographer Mark A. Lee joins us yet again for a guest blog, highlighting challenges caregiving for his mother during the COVID-19 pandemic and excerpting his upcoming book on his past experiences caregiving for his father, "Raising Dad"

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By Mark A. Lee | 03/14/2023

An older adult couple with their arms around each other

Understanding Different Types of Dementia

When most people hear the word “dementia,” one of the first things that comes to mind is “Alzheimer’s.” However, Alzheimer’s is just one cause of dementia, which is the umbrella term for decline in memory, thinking and reasoning skills that significantly impacts daily life. If a loved one is experiencing memory issues, Alzheimer’s could be a potential diagnosis, but there are four other common types of dementia that should also be considered: Lewy body, frontotemporal, vascular and mixed.

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A woman hosting a meeting

The Importance of Advocacy

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By Julie Hayes | 12/25/2020

Quieting Restless Leg Syndrome: Caregiver Tips

Restless Leg Syndrome is usually diagnosed in people over the age of 50, and it affects an estimated 10 percent of older adults. Many with the condition view their restless legs as nothing more than an annoyance, and neglect to tell their doctor about their discomfort and let it go untreated. For others, the condition may disappear for a time for no apparent reason only to recur a few months later. If we are a caregiver of a loved one with RLS, knowing more about the disorder can help us understand what they are going through and explore different ways to help them find relief.

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A Message from Orion Bell

President & CEO Orion Bell discusses how Benjamin Rose took swift action in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and how you can help.


By Orion Bell | 05/06/2020